Selena Gomez nude

Selena Gomez has left Bieber, so let’s imagine that is his revenge! He shot her naked on the beach and leaked her nude photo to pay her back.

Yes, this is probably not Selena Gomez nude because of the strange shadows on her face.

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4 Responses to “Selena Gomez nude”

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Horrible fake!

  2. joe says:

    nope, it’s not selena. checked with and it’s a russian girl’s body with selena’s face.

  3. joseph says:

    Selena Gomez has a mole above her right breast this pic is a FAKE

  4. MTVeediot says:

    Hahaha are you kidding me? “Probably” not?

    This is the single worst fake I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Gomez has a much shorter, wider frame; a mole above her breast; a head much larger than that in proportion to her body; her face is the same tone as the rest of her body; the light doesn’t magically change at her neck; she doesn’t have a mole on her upper abs; she doesn’t have someone else’s curly red hair sticking down below her own short, straight, black hair.

    Jesus man, have some self-respect.

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