Kelis nude

Kelis has been playing on the edge of full nudity in half her videos. So it was surprising not to find a TON of nude photos of Kelis. There’s this one from her way back. Check her hair … or rather, Kelis’ butt!

Kelis nude

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  1. [...] time now. Yet, this is the first sneak peak that we get of Kelis breasts, and she had to appear fully nude for [...]

  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Wow, what a body!

  3. [...] nude photo of Kelis just surfaced. Though it looks like a million years old, it’s still pretty [...]

  4. bobby jones says:

    Oh my gosh can you imagine sticking your dick in there and jizzing all in that asscrack man as soon as id stick my dick in there id jizz all over the place

  5. freddie douglas says:

    That photo makes me so hot id love to just lick her ass clean can you imagine how her ass tastes id fill it up with whip cream and choclate and lick it out

  6. freddie douglas says:

    Oh my gosh can you imagine sticking your dick straight up her beautifal fat ass id fuck her straight up the asshole. than id lick her cheeks up and down as im thrusting into her so hard than I would say oh fuck kelis im gonna cum up your fat ass ah this ass is so fat aah as she would say aah yeah fuck my fat ass im a dirty slut give me a milkshake and than id jizz up her beautifal fat ass

  7. freddie douglas says:

    Than the 2nd time around I would tell her lay on the bed and wave your ass in the air I first grabbed out a cherry and stuck it straight in her ass and than I shimmied it a bit in her anus than I ate it it tasted better than a actual cherry does I than dipped a french fry in her ass as well than I buried my face deep in her ass and I passcionately licked everywhere around her anus she asked me how her ass tasted I said like cinnamoun buns I than took out some fresh buns from the fridge and put them in her ass than I shimmied them around and turned them in her anus like dip and after 3 minutes I took them out and licked them passionately how is it asked kelis amazing I responded now im gonna make your ass look like icing oh yeah kelis responded fuck my fat ass, dominate me I would again stick my dick straight up her fat ass and hold her ginormous buns as I thrusted in her very hard I screamed out aah kelis this ass is so fat and beautifal im gonna shoot my jizz straight in your ass aah kelis your so fuckin gourgous the story will contunie

  8. freddie douglas says:

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  9. freddie douglas says:

    Boy that ass is so juicy and scrompicous and deliscous wow if I lived with kellis and we coudnt afford food and didnt have any she would offer well we could have my ass so for dinner I could eat out her ass and if I was thirsty I could lick out her asshole juices

  10. freddie douglas says:

    If I was sitting next to kelis. And she was clothed id stick my finger straight down her pants and stick it in her asshole and finger her creamy,juicy,huge fat ass up and down and lick my fingers and take my kelis scented ass finger and rub it on her lips and kiss her

  11. freddie douglas says:

    I know I keep going on and on but can you imagine having a girl like that rub her magnifcant gigantic plump fat ass all over your face and eating her out every night man she just has gigantic buns and a magnifcant asscrack man I just know her ass tastes like cinnamoun and her ass juices probally taste like a nice choclate milkshake on her choclate flavored fat ass id lick her ginormous fat asscheeks too that shit would probally taste like choclate cake can you imagine fucking a girl like this every night id fuck her all the time for hours and fuck her in her ass,pussy,tits,belly button,mouth, and more ass I would also finger and lick out the all those areas before fucking them if I was around this girl I would nver stop jizzing

  12. freddie douglas says:

    Mmmm what a deliscous scrumpiscous juicy plump beautifal huge fat ass pizza aint got nothing on that and you dont even need sauce

  13. freddie douglas says:

    Mmmm what a deliscous scrumpiscous juicy huge fat ass pizza aint got nothing on that and you dont even need sauce

  14. freddie douglas says:

    Now those are just some fantasies I have and her ass is nice but it isnt everything I mean fantasies are fantasies I sometimes fantasize about fucking the shit out of my english teacher so there just fantasies. Nothing more and milkshake is a hot face and she is a sexy women with a fat juicy ass but she is nowhere near as good as jesus christ our lord and savior who died for us the world ignores but they cant forever and I sin and fall short heck look at my previous comments the fact that im even on this site but it doesnt change the fact that I have a commited relationship with jesus christ yes her ass is nice and id love to do the previous comments to her but burning in hell is not worth it remember all of us fall short all of us can change and all of us can have eternal life

  15. freddie douglas says:

    Jesus christ when through hell for us so that we could be saved and rose again 2 days later back up to his kingdom unfornately the devils evil ways have taken over espically when shit sites like this yeah I know I was on it expressing my fantasies but who gives a shit there fantasies jesus christ is my holy father and jesus is my savior not a slutty womans ass

  16. freddie douglas says:

    Remember that jesus christ is your savior people not porn and I struggle with looking at naked women but its no excuse god is disapointed in me but at least I admit my faults and am not a ignorant shithead im a christain and you can be two if you say a prayer asking god to come in your life and live your life for him you too can live a eternal life in heaven amen ,,amen

  17. freddie douglas says:

    And typing my fantasies on this shitty ungodly site was fucking wrong fuck you ncelebirety spredding your thilth and making 14 year olds like myself constantly horny and coming on to sites like this to look at naked women which is forbidden by the bible and I feel like shit cuz I did so,so fuck you you unholy ungodly parasites for turning me into a horny perverte but I wont be this fuckin pathetic forever like all you people and I use people lightly and im pathetic too for being a nakedwoman addict but im going to help myself to stop with jesus by my side helping me thru and ill worn all young boys never to go on pure shit sites like this fuck you for spreading your filth to soccsiety honestly if this is the best you can do stay home you fucking losers and im one too but I wont be for long with jesus I can do anything god is my best friend and without him

  18. freddie douglas says:

    Id be just as pathetic as you people but im going to be more devout and shit like this will stop and for her to take this pic shes pretty but a fuckin slut it proves she,ll fuck any guy but milkshake already did that shes a sexy woman with a nice behind but I wish her slutty ass luck she could find god and no im not saying im better than anyone all im saying is god is helping me get thru my nakedwoman problem god has been on my side for years he hasnt left me nor will he and all you sick people can be saved too just with a prayer and lifestyle change gods helping me he can help you and yes the past 13 comments were all typed by a very worldly smart 14 year old god died for us to give us life take or leave it I take it cuz one day I want to live eternally with god goodnight and god bless all

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