Katy Perry nude

Katy Perry in the days prior to her discovering fame by kissing a girl and loving it. I guess her boobs have gotten a little bigger but otherwise, it’s a lot like her.

nude katy perry

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6 Responses to “Katy Perry nude”

  1. [...] Katy Perry’s big boobs are having a hard time avoiding the spotlight lately. She confessed she was preying for big breasts as a teen, now we’re praying she would would show them a bit more skin! [...]

  2. [...] ALMOST bursting out in the open. Now, I can see there are no nipples to be seen, but what the hell, Katy does looks sexy in this [...]

  3. [...] Katy Perry is so damn uptight, she even wears closed boots to the red carpet. It’s high time for her to loosed a bit, maybe even pose nude! [...]

  4. [...] in kinky outfit that will suit Russell Brand just fine. Next time though, she might go to sleep nude, it’s the latest [...]

  5. bob says:

    NOT Katy Perry. Fail!

  6. NICEJOB says:

    Fcking sexy, now i want cum in her tits and face! :))

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