Emma Watson nude

Emma Watson had an amazing upskirt photo on her 18th birthday. Her hairy pubes have caused quite a stir. Now this photo emerges…

Emma Watson nude

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23 Responses to “Emma Watson nude”

  1. Bunk Caller says:

    This is not Emma Watson.
    I have another photo of this girl (from another view) proving it is not her.

  2. the shit says:

    This obiously has to be a fake for goodness sake. her breasts are tanner than her face. for real do you people think the public is that stupid. The paprazzi or whoever faked this is the stupid one.

  3. gh says:

    good photoshopping :P

  4. asdf says:

    Let us not point out the head being about three inches to the right of where it should be, or the fact her necklace does not match up either.

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  8. The Cow says:


  9. big dady says:

    shut ur fuckin cameras who so ever is publishing these fotos …………..wat uy guys think v r fool…………she is nt emma

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  11. Resli says:

    I adore Emma Watson, I think she is very beautiful!

  12. walla says:

    well it looks like her and that all im after mmh….

  13. anurag says:

    wow i loved her boobs .i wont forget that night when i was wth her ……her nipples on my lips …its damn tasty her nipples i mean …..god she is carzy on bed…she didnt get tire for 6 hours ….even i was tired but she wasnt .i still remember tht night ………

  14. sam says:

    ide fuck her

  15. free Habbo coins says:

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  16. Lord D says:

    Though this is not her, this could surely destroy her rep because this bitch looks like her.

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  18. i wnt to fuck her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Wil says:

    i like suck small tits

  20. Dan says:

    First some of u people need to learn to spell
    2nd its not a photo shop idiots its a look alike
    this girl really looks like her but it ain’t Emma but it ain’t a photoshop

  21. KoldShadow says:

    First some of u people need to learn to spell [2]
    Whatever the real deal with this pic, I’d love to bang Emma . . . THAT IS ALL!

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